Kokanee fishing on Whiskeytown Lake is not just a summer thing!

Looking for tactics on winter and early spring Kokanee fishing? On Whiskeytown Lake? Got them here!

We are often told Kokanee fishing is over after the first rain. Not true. Although the trophy fish have headed up the creek to spawn next years fish, there are fish still out in the lake and with low pressure, we can get into great fishing and limits.

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I typically start Kokanee season fishing in early spring on Whiskeytown Lake. Well before the crowds of eager retired Kokanee junkies fill the boat ramps and RV camp sites.

With colder water and daytime temperatures, Summertime tactics won’t work.

Winter speed on Whiskeytown Lake

My speed will most likely stay the same 1.2-1.6 but since the surface temperatures are colder than down in the depths, fish will typically gather along the surface. Remember surface fish will no longer be available to view on your sonar so don’t be surprised if you can’t mark them in your regular honey holes. Its very important to fish a long set back (100-150 feet) when fishing above 15 feet of water.

Why Kokanee Don’t Hold In Deeper Water During The Winter On Whiskeytown Lake

Why run a long set back? The reason for doing so is running over schools of surface fish will cause them to scatter.

The long set back allows you to motor over fish and still get them to bite. If you have an electric motor this is the time to use it.

Quiet trolling with out running your main or kicker motor is huge at this time of year. What I mean is it vastly improves your chances.

I will also play the wind by allowing the wind to blow me in one direction. This tactic allows me to troll by wind-power. Stealthy and silent!

Winter Fishing On Whiskeytown Lake Is Awesome!

Winter on Whiskeytown Lake is also a great time to fish if you do not have down riggers. Just fly lining your gear off the back will do just fine. Winter or spring is the time to dust off dads old Ford fender gang trolls!

I use a Vance Tackle version myself(chartreuse). Winter on Whiskeytown Lake is really the only time I use it.

If it’s raining? Even better! Rain can really get the fishing hot so don’t let a little weather keep you off the water! 

For some solitude and quality fishing, let’s limit out on Whiskeytown Lake.

Give me a call or send me a message by filling out my form below. I have dates that will fit your schedule.

A fishing experience on Whiskeytown Lake is a great way to spend quality time in the Redding area!!! Let’s do this!

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