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Beads work. More importantly they bring smiles.

Ever wonder about the bead? Do they work? How and when to use them? In this blog we will talk a bit about the pegged bead. Weather your a die hard fly fishermen or a seasoned gear junkie the pegged bead will up your game for sure.

There are 2 main styles of bead I fish. The first or the “OG” version is a hard style bead. Made of, well plastic. Or you can go with a soft bead. Rubbery. They both fish very well and work about the same. I peg my bead about 4 inches above my hook witch allows a perfect hook set on the out side corner of the fish’s mouth.

You can peg your bead with any thing from a tooth-pick to what ever fits in there to prevent it from sliding down your line. I like a small piece of 200lb mono I cut a pile of them and have them handy. When it comes to how to fish them the sky is the limit. You can side drift them, bobber fish them, indicator fish them or basically fish them in place of bait or a fly in almost any situation imaginable.

Be ready to set that hook fast the fish will know its artificial and spit it quickly. So be ready, be alert. The fact it’s fake will not slow them down when it comes to biting it. I especially love it when bait is running low or I’m fishing high fast water were the presentation is so fast they dont have time to smell it. The pegged bead is a game changer and should be put in your takle box. Its low coast and high yield comes in all the hot colors and super easy to set up and use. Hope this has been insightful if you have questions about this blog or want to book a trip contact me today thanks!

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