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Smith River Salmon -

Not a single dam along the Smith River, encompassing the North, Middle and South Forks, there is no less than 123 miles of watery habitat. Every Autumn, Salmon and Steelhead make their push from the ocean back into the waters of origin. Climbing up through deep canyons, a river bottom carved through rock, the Smith River provides the ideal channel to destinations upriver, over water falls and swift rapids where these wild fish reproduce.

Anglers should expect to find world class Steelhead and King Salmon in the Smith River. A day on the Smith River starts at the Hiouchi Cafe. From there we drive over to the put-in and launch the boat at Forks and float to Out House. We spend the day side-drifting or pulling quick-fish.

This river is incredibly beautiful. I think that’s the biggest take-away on this river. The Steelhead and Salmon never disappoint! The fish here are big and legendary!

I like to guide here in the late Autumn weeks. Sometimes a great alternative to rivers like the Trinity. Anglers can expect to fish the best fishing for King Salmon in the Autumn. Winter can be rough as winter rains cause the river to jump in volume drastically and diminishing any chance of getting into fish.

I keep my eye on this river through  the winter. When the timing is right, I’ll head over to the Smith to find 10lb+ Wild Adult Steelhead.

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