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Lake Shasta is a reservoir located in Shasta California and is operated by the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. The lake is formed by Shasta Dam, the 9th tallest dam in the United States, and holds the largest man-made reservoir in California. Shasta dam was build between 1935 and 1945 across the Sacramento River. Underneath, the surface of Lake Shasta lies the confluence of the Pit River, McCloud River, and Sacramento River as well as many other small tributaries. Lake Shasta is home to a variety of trout, salmon, bass, panfish, and catfish. Not only does Lake Shasta hold 365 miles of shoreline but also offers houseboat rentals, jet ski, and watercraft rentals, as well as camping and hiking along its shores. Lake Shasta is a must see destination for outdoor families. Lake Shasta is home to some of the best trout fishing you will find anywhere. The Trinity Guide Company offers fishing trips on Lake Shasta from June through October.

Fishing Lake Shasta

Shasta Lake is one of my favorite places to fish! This large lake can be very difficult to understand though. There is a ton of water to cover and so meany boat ramps to choose from. How do I know where to go? Or when to be there? When looking for large rainbow trout, I wait for summer months when the sun is hot and the surface of the lake is around 80. This generally brings the shad to the main body of the lake. Warm waters push the bait down to depths of around 50-80 feet. Theses large schools of bait are easy to locate on your fish finder as well as the big rainbows who following the shad. I use spoons, hoochies, mag lips and dodgers to catch a majority of my rainbow trout. Some days I find Rainbow Trout near the banks while other days in the deep open water channel’s. Usually the trout are found in one spot or the other. I choose to launch at the boat ramps close to my target area to avoid long boat rides. This is mostly a down-rigger or diver game. The ability to put your line exactly were your marking bait on your fish finder is one of the great functions of my down-rigger system. I personally like blue and silver or shad patterns and remember when fishing below 25 feet only a 15-20 foot set back is necessary. Please note this is a summer break destination for the young party crowds as well as a speed boat and jet ski hot spot so keep your eyes open and understand the other boats may not understand proper etiquette on the water. Be safe out there and enjoy!

About Lake Shasta Rainbow Trout

You can expect to catch life time trophy rainbow trout on Lake Shasta. These shad fed fish have dark red salmon like meat and are great table fair with large fillets to fill your cooler. These fish are amazing and worth the effort.

A Note On Winter Fishing

The drastic changes in temperature on Lake Shasta sets it apart from other lakes. For this reason, we are able to target large winter run browns in the cold months. By trolling planer boards on the surface when water temperature is cold allowing us to get our gear away from the boat. Brown Trout are very weary of the noise and disturbance caused by the boat in the narrow river channels were we fish during winter months.

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