In this article, I will discuss how to arrive at a new river or fish your favorite river with out disrupting other fishermen on the water.

If you are a regular at the put in (launch area on the river) you will know most people fishing your stretch of river if your visiting a new river the same rules apply.

First acknowledge the fishermen you see in the morning you will be seeing them for the rest of the day. If your new to the area, it can be wise to hang back, watch the boat in front of you as they most likely have a plan. They know how to enter the Rapids or set their boat up to fish the best runs.

If you notice them working a stretch of water ahead of you, pull over, have lunch and let them move to the next stretch of river. Allow the fish to cool off for about 30 minutes before you start to fish them.

Let’s now talk about passing

What I mean is you see someone ahead of you fishing and you want to pass them so they can continue to fish and you can get on with your day of fishing.

Passing can be an issue for some. Be aware that the person in front does have the right to stay in any chosen stretch of river. Pull up to them ask about their plan. Maybe an agreement can be found. Never just push by them like you own the river because you don’t. It’s all of ours. It must be shared.

I personally like hanging back. I let the guys pushing down the river all day go for it. I dont like having to look behind all day to stay in front it’s a old bull young bull thing.

I like to take my time. If there is too much pressure, I will wait.

Next let’s talk about the anchor

The anchor is something that is mostly used on small water (Upper Trinity River) were there is no room to share a hole. If your in big water (Smith or Chetco rivers ) dropping your anchor will get you a very unpopular status fast.

When sharing a hole work your plugs or bait or flies through the good section then pull to the soft shoulder and row back up. When you back-row or exit the run, the next boat will enter. This is how a section of river is shared. Do not drop your anchor in the best piece of water. Sharing water with the locals is how you earn respect and make friends. Always fish with respect for others it will always help your day and will usually produce better results when it comes to fish in your net.

Remember the river belongs to all of us and being freiandly goes a long way hope this helps thanks for reading!

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