Our list of boat ramps in the Redding Ca. area is found here. Boat ramp description and location maps can be accessed by clicking on the associated links. We cover the three primary boat ramps from the Posse Grounds to South Bonnieview and down to Anderson River Park.

The Posse Grounds Redding Ca.

Lower Sacramento Fly Fishing - The Trinity Guide

The “Posse Grounds” boat ramp is located behind the Redding Convention Center or better known as the Redding Civic Auditorium. The Posse Grounds gets the name dating back to 1939 when local Police Chief John Balma created, upon order from … Read More

South Bonnieview Boat Launch

The Trinity Guide Co. - Lower Sacramento River

Also known as the John F Reginato River Access, Mr. Reginato oversaw the Shasta-Cascade Wonderland Assn. which promoted tourism and recreation in the N. California. Starting in 1949, he was at the job for 41 years. A visionary …Read More

Anderson River Park Boat Launch

Lower Sacramento Fly Fishing - The Trinity Guide

Although Anderson River Park Boat Ramp is not located in Redding, Ca. This boat ramp or boat launch is possibly the most important boat ramp logistically on the Lower Sacramento River out of Redding… Read More