Lake Shasta

Lake Shasta has had its highs and lows,fishing has been ok with big rainbows far and few between. But there is light at the end of the tunnel as we enter our summer the water temperature will stratify pushing the shad in to the main body of the lake. This makes larg rainbows easier to locate by forcing bait fish to school. Giving anglers heavy bag limits in short order. I would say by the first of July we will see this change in the lake and we will be there trolling optimizer spoons,vance takle spoons and mag lips ready for line pealing action. Please book your adventure soon days fill fast this is as good as trout fishing gets!

Trinity Lake

Trinity lake has been a bit slow, with a ton of snow this year snow melt has kept the water colder than usual. Causing a slow plankton bloom witch would usually be happening now,but do to the cooler water it is a bit behind schedule this makes fishing tuff making it tuff to locate schooling fish in our normal spots. We must be patient as longer hotter days approach this is sure to change. We count on the lake to catch trophy king salmon and we are currently booking trips for the summer ahead. 

Whiskey Town Lake

In the wake of the tragic car fire kokanee salmon session started slow, with the ash filling Whiskey Lake and Brandy Creeks, spawning fish were the main concern. After  50,000 new fish were stocked and  now entering summer time the  fishing is heating up! Our clients have been bagging limits with fish coming as larg as 18 inches. Soon summer will be in full swing and I’m sure the fishing will be red hot! As of now most of our fish are coming between 20 and 40 feet with hot pink,gold and orange producing most of our bites. Contact me to book your trip today.

The Trinity Guide