• It’s Lake Shasta Time

    Jun 18th 2021

    Kinda like Peanut Butter Jelly, except “Lake Shasta” with maybe a sandwich of that kind for lunch? Look, I like Lake Shasta and really enjoy the productive fishing the largest reservoir in the State of California provides. Lake Shasta is the most rewarding rainbow trout trolling fishery right now. I beleive it’s the best on… Read More »

  • Fishing The Lower Sacramento River | Redding California

    Aug 18th 2020

    No other river in the west come close in comparison to the Lower Sacramento River. The Lower Sacramento or “Lower Sac” starts at the base of Shasta Dam, a 602′ high retainer, holding back up to 4,500,000 acre-feet of cold, nutrient-rich water. The kind of water that has produced the healthiest, strongest, best looking Rainbow,… Read More »

  • Smith River

    Nov 18th 2017

    Book A Day On The Smith River Call 530-338-5734 or contact me here Not a single dam along the Smith River, encompassing the North, Middle and South Forks, there is no less than 123 miles of watery habitat. Every Autumn, Salmon and Steelhead make their push from the ocean back into the waters of origin. Climbing… Read More »

  • Trinity Lake

    Jun 16th 2017

    COME FISH THE GATEWAY TO THE TRINITY ALPS Call us (530) 338-5734 or send us an email: touch/click here Trinity Lake is an artificial lake formed by the Trinity Dam, which was built in Trinity County California in 1961. The Lake is serviced by 3 major marinas; Trinity Alps Marina which is located at the… Read More »

  • Shasta Lake

    Jun 15th 2017

      MAKE LIFELONG FISHING MEMORIES ON LAKE SHASTA WITH THE TRINITY GUIDE COMPANY Call us (530) 338-5734 or send us an email: touch/click here Lake Shasta is a reservoir located in Shasta California and is operated by the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. The lake is formed by Shasta Dam, the 9th tallest dam in the United… Read More »

  • Trinity River

    Jun 15th 2017

    Read the latest Trinity River reports here: Trinity River Fishing Reports Call us (530) 338-5734 or send us an email: touch/click here DRIFT THE DAY AWAY WITH US IN THE TRINITY RIVER! The Trinity River is the principal tributary of the Klamath River and flows 165 miles through the Klamath Mountains and coastal ranges. Holding… Read More »

  • Whiskeytown Lake

    Jun 15th 2017

    EXPERIENCE CALIFORNIA’S KOKANEE FISHING AT ITS FINEST ON WHISKEYTOWN LAKE! Call Us! 530-338-5734 Or send email Whiskeytown Lake is a man-made reservoir completed in 1963. The lake is fed mostly by the Trinity River water that is tunneled over and through the mountains. The lake is also fed by three local creeks which provide spawning… Read More »