This time of year you can find me chasing big brown trout along the banks of lake Shasta.

It’s still spring, air temperature is cool, the sun is out, the Shasta Lake has not turned yet (turning is when water temp warms for the summer). These conditions make for perfect brown trout hunting.

Let’s go over some simple ideas to help you on your way to loading your box with a few Lake Shasta brown trout.

I like fishing spoons this time of year. A trick I learned from another great guide in my area. The advantage is I can use a wide range of speeds. I like to fish 1.8-2.4. I change speed up and down through my day to entice fish to bite. It’s important you fish a bait that is versatile so you can speed up or slow down on the fly. I also fish tight to the bank looking for edges and structure that Brown Trout like to hide under. Brown Trout have their own time clock. They are not predictable like rainbow trout. Don’t count out late morning or mid-afternoon bites. Planner boards are huge! I run both downriggers and planer boards. You will usually find Brown Trout patterns in my set they are notorious cannibals. Some days they want the downriggers and don’t seem to shy from the boat. Other days they only bite the planner boards 200 feet from the stern. As summer warms up and the shad fill the main body I change areas and fish big water and schooling fish, big baits are great but this time of year the shad are not big yet “matching the hatch” is key. Run smaller spoons to try to trick these allusive fish. Stay vigilant a few fish a day is really good this is not a high volume fishery but it can be very rewarding good luck and see you at lake Shasta!

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