Lake Shasta Rainbow Trout - The Trinity Guide
Lake Shasta Rainbow Trout – Sept 2020

The fishing on Lake Shasta has been a battle this summer. Still worth fishing!

With low water this year the lake has suffered an almost nonexistent shad spawn and has caused really hard fishing. It seems the Rainbow Trout have been feeding on bluegill, but as a food source that it is, bluegill simply do not supply the opportunity to feed in volume like shad provide. So, maybe that’s why we are not finding quite as many of the large late summer Rainbow Trout we have come to expect. We are finding some, but we are just not meeting the standards set by previous seasons.

Some days are great! Smiles and limits are happening, it’s just that I have “my” standards and how I feel about the fishing. I think it could be a lot better. The quality of the fishing on Lake Shasta will vary year to year.

My year on Lake Shasta is coming to an end as I get ready for fall and winter steelhead fishing on the rivers like the Trinity River. I am still fishing Lake Shasta for the remainder of September and do have some open dates.

Overall it’s still worth fishing and there are chances of a banner day but it can be very tuff at worst, a banner day at best.

Remember, no matter what, it’s still fishing and luck plays a part in our time on the water.